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So grateful for Otto's stellar representation!

Apr 28, 2015

Otto has gone far above and beyond any expectations I had from the beginning. If it wasn't for the Grace of God and this man, my daughter may not be in my life today. My relationship with my daughter is thriving, and if what you were looking for was an honest and hard working attorney, that does not take shortcuts or play games; Otto is your hire!

Excellent Family Attorney

Mar 7, 2013

Otto has done an excellent job in a child removal case, including visitation and support arrangements. He first informed us of any options and misinformation we had received. Then he helped us set a plan and he follows through diligently no matter what twists and turns occur. Otto is very knowledgeable and the judges seem to appreciate his understanding and respect for the law and his calm demeanor during courtroom procedures. He is caring and concerned about our situation, but always helps keep us focused on possible resolutions. It's better to know up front what you probably won't be able to accomplish and set goals accordingly, then to have a lawyer who just encourages everything and drains all your money chasing after things that were never going to happen. Otto is very straightforward and down-to-earth and will not waste your time or money. He instills confidence and knows how to get the job done effectively.

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